Tiding Up !

One of the hardest things of a girl’s life is for sure trying to remove all her dangling ornaments and her huge collection of perfumes to make space for her brother’s things. And I am going through that now! I just despise the fact that I have to hibernate my entire colourful deodorant bottle and make a choice of what to keep on the shelves.

Hence I decided to give tips to my own self, and make myself stronger in trying to minimize the mess on the table.

  1. Keep only daily use items on the table and dressing table. And stuff everything into the cupboard.
    Make sure they are daily use, not once in a life time use!
  2. Use your pretty colourful cups to quench your desire to have some girly stuff around you.
    You could use the cups for having pencils, pens, combs, eye pencils, gloss, etc neatly stacked on the shelf.
  3. If you have small tiny cute little cupboards place them on the shelf with your hair accessories in them, but make sure you don’t place anything in front of them or its going to be a mess!
  4. Don’t buy any more new creams, until you thrown the old ones out.
    Finish that bottle to the last drop, before you open the new one!
  5. Keep breathing in and out for strength!
    Don’t breath in while a dusting frame is in your hand, you are going to choke yourself!
  6. Remember it’s not the end of the world by keeping your stuff inside! You are just making space for yourself. Give it a try, you would feel much better and spacious.
  7. It’s hard to convince mothers and it’s harder to convince yourself!
    Obvious mothers would always have an issue with where you keep your things and your settings, just stay calm and listen to them and assure them it’s going to be fine.
  8. Don’t get scared when you see all the mess piling up and you are running out of place!
    Take a break, get a drink, sit down, breath, come back in and pile all the things you don’t know where to keep in one place and think!“Do I need them?”“Are they daily, monthly, yearly, or travel use?”“Too old? Should be discarded?”
  9. Important: your plan of the day shouldn’t be including anything but cleaning up!
  10. Don’t get annoyed and just throw things here and there!
  11. Relax!
  12. Usually by the end we are left with a huge empty space and loads of anonymous things. Please don’t pick all that things and stuff them into the empty spaces, because that’s what you have been trying to aim for “empty spaces”!Pile all of those things in front of youWhat I have in my pile are boxes, papers, unknown keys, eye glass boxes, old pen boxes, watch boxes, soft toys, creams, broken make up box mirrors,  etc
  13. Try to put extra boxes for charity. Though it seems like a weird idea but you never know it can be of some use for the poor. Imagine them living under an open sky, boxes can help them somehow!
    Charity organizations also know how to bring the best out of things.

And the last but not the least… Stay Happy ! That would help you with your mess =)



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