“Please, Clouds Rain!”

ღ Living in the Gulf I have seen the least amount of rain ever in my life. I just have always wondered how would life be with rain everyday ? Would be cold or would it be humid?

My friends who visit London always tell me that its fun to see for the first few days, but every day is like terrible! You can’t dress up, your hair always remain flurry, and its just never ending!

Though obviously I agree that too much of something becomes a nag, but how can rain become a nag!

It just rains a little bit in December and January. And when I say little bit I really do mean its little bit. It doesn’t really quench our thirst for rain, it just comes rains a little, sometimes a storm, flooding the roads, but that’s it! At times the minute I get my rain coat out and run, down the rain is over!

Whenever there are clouds in the sky, almost everyone looks up the sky and have this little hope,

“Please, Rain!”

And its cloudy again today…. ♥


.•´✶`*. ★•.¸


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