I am love searching for DIYs and it had become an interest in trying to do them at home. And finally I decided that I should let my little creativity monster to see some day light!

Initially I thought all these things I see, on which people do their DIYs, are hardly available at my place, where do I get a lump sum amount of bulbs or buttons. It wasn’t until yesterday I realized that my mom was segregating old mugs, and that when the idea clicked in!

I decided to give it a go and it worked! 

It’s really easy, quick, and you only need literally a couple of things, plus just a little bit of creativity in those grey cells !

I have seen people use sharpie to write on mugs, but I used some paint and brush.



I used just two colors : orange and black

The reason so it would look like a set… And you just have to analyse the cup, if it has some prints, and try to follow it. 

You can see the before and after look of the mug!





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