Bananas have feelings!

One of the best feelings of life is when you see some one use your whole blog as their facebook status!

People come into your blog for some wild reason, check things out, nothing interesting and just exit. While some come and hope to see more and more of your work. While bloggers have their own season of emotions, and you never know when they spill it out into the perfect symphony of words! And when the bloggers do figure out what and how to write the best blog; it is all what they need.

But what usually interests me is when people do not like (From what I mean like, is by clicking the like button) your pictures on facebook or your status or your blog; even though they like it (From this like I mean from the heart)! So hence whats the issue, in simply liking by using the button.

So from a little survey I noticed that people who dont click like could be people with low self-esteem, depression or people who think that others might not be liking them enough, people who like to live in their belief of negativity, people who have a low positive self-image of themselves, jealousy, or maybe seriously that stuff you posted is not worthy of even a single like !

While some think and are convinced that they should not like anyone because there is no one else like them.

Hence, while you do not get those clicking likes on your things on the social media, do not feel upset just carry on because where your heart is, is where your heart is.

And finally some people would be thinking why the tittle and the content has nothing in common. Well then that’s because to gain the attention… Get a catchy tittle!


That be the original blog..


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