Emotions are very powerful and exciting circumstances for individuals.

They come with throbbing pulsations and we unconsciously attend to them; sometimes with tears and sometimes with heartfelt laughter’s. Emotion is like music. With the right strike and perfect note emotions can tear us apart, excite our hearts, palpitate our pulses and make us feel all the feelings to its extremes!

For the weak, emotions can be like a rheumatism spreading in their body! It rheumatics their hearts causing them to feel an enormous exertion. it wears off all their limbs and shuns their vitality. It creates an astonishing pain, leaving you with clenched wrists or paralyzed muscles. You rub your knees but your internal economy of stability has been left baseless and shattered! Your wholeness has been wounded.

Whilst for the strong, they selectively choose their best defense mechanism against the emotion and some how absorb the condition. Though sometimes it can become a disease and it infests them with full strength. Eruptions of moods, rashes of sensitivity and watery eyes makes them feel incompetent. Destroying their self. However, getting back to the normalcy of life is a neuralgic bliss while some succumb.

Weak or Strong; emotions are conditions every one goes through! Call it a disease or a simple moment, it can either destroy you or make your life a bliss. Sometimes it inflicts so much pain that it travels from your fingers to your toes, wandering down from your shoulder and making its place into your stomach. For some it finally rests in the stomach, but for others its just a start for a new organic disease.

What is to realize; is that, pain comes like the morning sun rising from its side of sky but it even sets down at night. Everything has its highs and lows. Tides rise and drop. The flowers bloom open from their nesting cocoons. The stars come and go. Tears flow down. The rivers fill up. The clouds have their rains drizzled down. The storms burst and calm down. And So should We!



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