Kit Kat Brownie



You can check the recipe out from this amazing blog I found!

Easy & Kit-Katty!


The 2014 New Year!

A constant hype of fireworks all around the world. Scores of people gather around to watch them. And one of them was me! Obviously trying to get the best pictures of the fireworks was one of my main aims. However, I was not able to do that sadly! Reason – people sitting around my tripod kept hitting and moving it!

Video –

So finally when the fireworks started at the Burj Khalifa at 12-midnight, I was left no choice but to end up turning the movie mode on and i sulked on the ground. But that was when suddenly I noticed that people were not really looking at the fireworks but in reality had their eyes glued on their cellphones to actually see if they were making a good movie out of it!

That was when I remembered an article in which I read about-“Photo-taking impairment effect”.

Fireworks and mobiles!

Fireworks and mobiles!

That means if we take a photo of something we’re less likely to remember it than if we’d looked at it with our eyes. “When people rely on technology to remember for them,” argued psychologist Linda Henkel of Fairfield University in Connecticut, “counting on the camera to record the event and thus not needing to attend to it fully themselves – it can have a negative impact on how well they remember their experiences.” –

So just to get a realistic feel out of it. I decided to take a few pictures (though they came blur) to see if this really is true!

2014-Burj Khalifa Fireworks IMG_2638

And I actually noticed that I did not really enjoy the Burj Khalifa fireworks when compared with the fireworks of Palm Jumeirah! And the reason was? I had switched off my camera, and stood besides my mom, and absorbed the moment. It was surely memorable! I can still feel the sudden “Boom” of the fireworks going in the sky.

Though I could not see much, because of too many people crowded in front of me, with their arms sticking out and another few inches of their mobiles sticking out. But it was the screams of joy and the sparks of colors which made it so different. Seeing the sky lit up with different color – red, green, yellow, orange and golden was wonderful. It was timed perfectly with the best mixture of colors. Though the fireworks started with a delay of 20 minutes, which had caused a lot of ciaos already. Many of us had no idea of what had happened. We thought it was over, so we packed our stuff and started to move out, and suddenly the crackles lit the sky, and the whole world at the beach ran towards the scene, leaving all their belongings! It was a scene!


However, I had to on my camera because I could not resist to take a picture of a wonderful couple, who did not bother to take their cameras or mobile phones out but instead just held on to each other and watched the fireworks.

The Sweet Couple

And then I noticed another lady, trying her best to capture the moment..


Finally, I just switched my camera off and enjoyed! ❤

A Blur



It is a hard life. And their is too much in our heart that we want to pour out but Its a wonder if its ever useful to ever tell anyone about how you feel. Would it really matter if anyone knew how we felt or what we are going through? And if someone did really have some empathy towards us, it would not really change much in our lives. Making someone feel sorry for ourselves isn’t all that we require! We need an action in life which would change our feelings.

Still its always as we feel “Lost and confused. And still don’t know what we really need !”

“Please, Clouds Rain!”


ღ Living in the Gulf I have seen the least amount of rain ever in my life. I just have always wondered how would life be with rain everyday ? Would be cold or would it be humid?

My friends who visit London always tell me that its fun to see for the first few days, but every day is like terrible! You can’t dress up, your hair always remain flurry, and its just never ending!

Though obviously I agree that too much of something becomes a nag, but how can rain become a nag!

It just rains a little bit in December and January. And when I say little bit I really do mean its little bit. It doesn’t really quench our thirst for rain, it just comes rains a little, sometimes a storm, flooding the roads, but that’s it! At times the minute I get my rain coat out and run, down the rain is over!

Whenever there are clouds in the sky, almost everyone looks up the sky and have this little hope,

“Please, Rain!”

And its cloudy again today…. ♥


.•´✶`*. ★•.¸