Happy Fatal Valentines!


So Valentines is just on the corner and it can be quite traumatizing when you suddenly realize all those piles of invisible fat on you- which basically doesn’t exist but for some odd reasons we think our bones are fat!

Just in case you are already traumatized and emotionally drained out, here you go an article I found about weight loss.

However after the moment of “Fatt-umm Realization” the next horror which we face is what I am going to wear. Like do I have a dress?
But before that, a quick gasp, “Would he even take me out?”
Anyhow let’s keep that horrifying thought for the end; so now we have to have multiple dresses just in case of a “Just in case” moment!

So now we have overcome the fat and somehow plunged it into the dress..
-We need to get that expensive gift to show off how much we care for you dear!-

But be careful men don’t you end up getting a large size when it was supposed to be a medium or if you get the large size and it was supposed to be an x-large, in both ways you are dead! And by doing this you might end up finding yourself in a situation where you won’t be able to “find all your pieces to your corpse.”

Ooo Boy! Too much anxiety.  Anxiety “Anxiety” Bad for health.

Plus let’s have the last minute bonus treat-Pimple! It’s quite a bonus, lolx!

And that happens all because of the anxiety melting down in your head resulting in eating all those chocolates, fat piled up, puffed face and missed saloon appointment! Resulting in; a disastrous down-fall of self-confidence.

Now why self-confidence is important? Is another story but in short without it you are really going to suffer.
… Think of valentines as a territory of wild lions, where everyone is fighting for that chick-en.  And so if you fail to get that chick-en, you need to have that self-confidence to still pick up your thick head and walk out proud of either being “friend-zoned” or just ditched for life!

Then there are those times when we are constantly bombarded with those pictures of lovely packed gifts in the newspapers and magazines.
However, we all should keep in mind those “lovely packed gifts” are something which you would never get, and you would surely end up with something you have never seen, thought or predicted of before!

So beware of those facial expression you are going to give out, start working on your
“I am so happy to see your idiotic, insane, dumb, foolish, stupid gift!” expression.

Now such things surely lead up to moments of “Now What”! There, there do you see what fatal thing you are doing? You are creating a volcano of expectations, which might erupt into – an agonizing lava. This might lead you in losing all those hearty emotions and harmonious health.

& Finally the Don’ts….

Don’t let yourself into an unstable equilibrium, which might result into symptoms of distress and depression.
Don’t step into the non-returnable realistic world!
Don’t let yourself fall into fantasies which make you imagine things which result in turmoil’s when things don’t happen the way you expect them to. You can easily fall into an emotional mud and sink into it with no one out there to help you out.
Don’t confuse yourself into these marketing schemes, peer pressure, social paradigm and the desire to show off your valentine’s day on Facebook.

It is okay to sit at home in your pyjamas and have popcorn because it becomes quite fatal to go through the “Arrhytmitistist” moments!

So Just Relax Those Muscles…

& Pull Out That Gorgeous Smile ..


“Please, Clouds Rain!”


ღ Living in the Gulf I have seen the least amount of rain ever in my life. I just have always wondered how would life be with rain everyday ? Would be cold or would it be humid?

My friends who visit London always tell me that its fun to see for the first few days, but every day is like terrible! You can’t dress up, your hair always remain flurry, and its just never ending!

Though obviously I agree that too much of something becomes a nag, but how can rain become a nag!

It just rains a little bit in December and January. And when I say little bit I really do mean its little bit. It doesn’t really quench our thirst for rain, it just comes rains a little, sometimes a storm, flooding the roads, but that’s it! At times the minute I get my rain coat out and run, down the rain is over!

Whenever there are clouds in the sky, almost everyone looks up the sky and have this little hope,

“Please, Rain!”

And its cloudy again today…. ♥


.•´✶`*. ★•.¸