The “Will or Would” Confusion!

The day I got to know I was using my “Will’s & Would’s” in the wrong places; I was scarred for life!

So I was told something which sounded totally Greek to me!

Would – You don’t mean it…

Will – You mean it…

But then I found an old school book of mine and I realized I had been making this mistake since 1999 O.o

textSo I went and did my own research of how come I never realized my mistake and then finally I accepted the fact┬áthe word “would” was being used pretty much wrong by me.

I used to say, “I would do that tomorrow.” Whilst it was supposed to be “I will do that tomorrow”, because the would made it sound that I am just saying it for the sake of saying it. But the -will- affirms that yes I am going to do it!

Sadly, now after all these years of using “wUd wuD Wud”, I have to start re-structuring my sentences with “Will” !